Giacomo Malchiodi (16th Century)- Earliest Known Progenitor

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List of Surnames Associated with the Malchiodi Project.
Home Card for the Progenitor, Giacomo Malchiodi, 16th Century.
Home Card for Alfredo & Anita Malchiodi Albedi. Alfredo is the grandson of General Dario Malchiodi Albedi and great-grandson of Luigi and Maria of Genoa, Italy. He studied art and was a student-teacher at the Fine Art Academy of Rome in the 1960's when he received his degree from there in art history, architecture and art. Though his favorite art medium is modelling. He is a fine baroque woodcarver and computer graphic artist. He lives in the SF Bay Area.
Home Card for Pascale LaBlanc's Grandparents; Pascale lives in France. Her great-grandparents lived in the USA at the turn of the century but returned to Italy. Two of their children remained in the USA. Pascale will be happy to reestablish contact with the descendants of her great uncle (Giovanni) and great aunt (Maria).
Home Card for Doctor Ivan Malchiodi of Venezuela. Ivan Carlo counts several distiguished members of the family in his extended tree. These include two archbishops, Gaetano and Umberto, and one well-known artist, Antonio. You will find links to biographies w/photos at the individual cards or by going directly to the biographical index page.
Home Card for Al Malchiodi, of Florida, USA (via Chicago, Ill.). The genealogical information for Al Malchiodi has been provided by his relative and genealogist, Daniel Niemeic - a member of this mailing list. Some day, we hope to link this American line to the family tree through our Italian cousins who may choose to participate.
Home Card for Larry (Malchiodi) Albedi, Napa, California. Larry's line springs from Luigi and Maria Malchiodi Albedi of Genoa, Italy. His great-grandfather emigrated to Mexico and was brother to General Dario Malchiodi Albedi. He voyaged to the Americas with two other brothers and their good friend, who is better known today as the founder of the Bank of Italy (later called the Bank of America) after the Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906.
Home Card for Agnese (nee Malchiodi) Smith. Agnese's grandfather, Carlo, took his family to Cremona (where he was Deputy Mayor) and, before that, Centenaro (during the WWII) which is an hour north of Piacenza. Agnese joined the group on Feb. 11, 2002. We are still working on a link with one or more of the other family branches.
Index of Individuals ( organized by surname )


The Malchiodi and Malchiodi Albedi Families are all related. They trace their ancestry to the 16th century and the area of Bobbio in the region of Piacenza, northern Italy.

These family cards trace the ancestry of several of our Malchiodi Genealogy Project participants. Currently, as of December 1, 2001, the Malchiodi Albedi line is traced to the 16th century with Giacomo Malchiodi, progenitor, whose two sons moved to Bobbio from the area of the Brugneto Valley. The project goal, to trace the lines of other participants to Giacomo, appears more near as more information is shared.

Ancestral information has been provided by:

Rena Malchiodi Albedi della Fraternali
Alfredo Malchiodi Albedi
Ivan Malchiodi
Pascale Le Blanc
Daniel Niemiec for Al Malchiodi
Larry (Malchiodi) Albedi

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